Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Ohhhh Pinterest how I am quickly becoming obsessed with you...I don't what it is but I staying for hours on your glorious pages dreaming up how I'd one like to decorate my house (Which is nowhere in my for see able future since the only money I have left this month is for my car insurance *rises fists since I can't buy any more pretty dresses* I do love my car tho). You host nail designs I'm so eager to try out on my little nails, offer me more wish list's of clothes I can only dream my style choices evolve into and funny things like 'lolz cats' this one really got me laughing for no reason, I'm pretty sure i had too much sugar an it was late at night so who know...? But don't you think it's kinda funny...(I know, my boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy too...)

And so soon as you get over that! Just look at this chester draws...

I just wish I was this creative and repurpose something like this...I need to go to a car boot sale or something. I'm just finding them hard to come buy one that's close too me in the UK and worth it overall. Anyone have ideas? Let me know...

And this print, I just fell in love with it the second I laid eyes on it. I can't say anymore than just look it at, it makes me want my own place even more ( not that I don't love my parents or anything, I just feel like setting free) anyway, take a look at this :)

So if your on Pinterest..Follow me?

So, How'd your day go?

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