Tuesday, 21 February 2012


Ohhhh Pinterest how I am quickly becoming obsessed with you...I don't what it is but I staying for hours on your glorious pages dreaming up how I'd one like to decorate my house (Which is nowhere in my for see able future since the only money I have left this month is for my car insurance *rises fists since I can't buy any more pretty dresses* I do love my car tho). You host nail designs I'm so eager to try out on my little nails, offer me more wish list's of clothes I can only dream my style choices evolve into and funny things like 'lolz cats' this one really got me laughing for no reason, I'm pretty sure i had too much sugar an it was late at night so who know...? But don't you think it's kinda funny...(I know, my boyfriend looked at me like I was crazy too...)

And so soon as you get over that! Just look at this chester draws...

I just wish I was this creative and repurpose something like this...I need to go to a car boot sale or something. I'm just finding them hard to come buy one that's close too me in the UK and worth it overall. Anyone have ideas? Let me know...

And this print, I just fell in love with it the second I laid eyes on it. I can't say anymore than just look it at, it makes me want my own place even more ( not that I don't love my parents or anything, I just feel like setting free) anyway, take a look at this :)

So if your on Pinterest..Follow me?

So, How'd your day go?

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Lot's of Nail Polish

Ahhhhh, new nail polish. Where would I be without you? ...I don't think I should answer that haa.

Just mere day's ago I was attracted to the TV like a moth to a flame when the New Nail's Inc collection came on QVC and without hesation I'd already placed my order for Ahead of the Trend after only seeing the georous Blue Baker Street as seen on Beyonce's first solo outing post baby.

I mean, how could I say No to a colour like that! ^ Or the amazing price QVC were offering!

So here they are...

In order left to right...
Piccadilly Arcade
Mayfair Mews
Belgrave Mews
Royal Mews
Cadigan Place
Baker Street
Wilton Row

I will be doing other posts on these cause I'm just too excited about them all, but for now here's Baker Street.


Isin't that Blue just amazing, two caots and went on so well. Very happy and I can't wait to try out the other colours :)

So, How'd your day go?

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Tux Nails ;)

I know I'm rubbish but I'm starting again :p and with brand new nails!
Check 'em out :)

How cool do they look! :)

With Flash before adding the bow and buttons^

I feel quite proud of myself for taking on this little challenge and giving it my own spin, these tux nails seem to have before quite popular since Zooey Deschanel showed them off at Golden Globes 2012 as shown below (Doesn't she look amazing?!)

So here's what I used:

Nails Inc Knsington Caviar Base and Top coat
Rimmel London 080 Black Cab
W7 75 Cosmis Black
Barry M Matt White used for the bow
and little black diamante jewels used in the middle of the bow brought off ebay

So, How'd your day go?

Sunday, 6 November 2011


Sooo, I can't be that great at blogging :( but I did manage to get a few new followers :) *does excited dance all alone* ...and quickly moves on from that awkward moment. But a massive thank you to you guys! Big hugs :) treat yourselves to a cupcake or something haha

So, last night in the UK it was Bonfire night! Which obviously means bonfires, fireworks and sparklers! :) 

Don't they look pretty? 
But please do stay safe if your are around fireworks, sparklers the lot! 

Now tonight I think me and that pretty boyfriend of mine are off to our local bonfire night organised event :) so I plan on taking many a photos to document the night, so you'll be kept posted I'm afraid.

So, How'd your day go?

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Exciting news!

Although it's not completely relevant but very excitng news :D

I passed my driving test yesterday morning!!!! 

This is me and my wonderful car, which I can now drive without 'L' plates ;)  I haven't been this excited in quite awhile even if it doesn't look like it in the picture (This is from when I brought it btw) Wearing something I never would never normaly let anyone see me outside of the house haa! So count yourselves lucky.

So, How'd your day go?

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Pretty Blog

Why Hi there pretty people :)

Have you noticed I'm taking care of my little blog and gave it a new background, I quite like it if I do say so myself :) Let me know what you think people?!

I've been trying to come up with some ideas to do as a regular thing and I think I've got a few little ideas up my sleeve and I can finally get this party started!

So thing's should start getting some love and attention soon in the next week I'm hoping, so finger's crossed!

Thursday, 13 October 2011

New Start :)

Okay so my first update so way too long ago for this shin dig to even get started :( see I lacked all the motivation I started with and well, nothing actually happened since that first fateful day.

So I'm back! And with a fresh new attitude too ;) I do have a few warning's, but don't let me put you off...

  • So I may get abit soppy sometimes...
  • And I may not update when I should, (But who does? People have lives, Right?)
  • I babble...Lot's :)
  • ...and put Lot's of smiley faces everywhere
  • And can't really spell all that good...or am I any good with grammar, it's bad :/ 
  • But I'm really hoping you guy's won't mind too much and if it is well, you don't have to come back...
  • It will however hurt my feeling's, so keep that in mind people! Haa
So I hope to really get started on this thing in the next couple of days, and that you'll keep joining me for this little party thing, if your not all too super busy I'd really like it :)

So, how'd your day go?